Not opening Solidworks 2022 files

Just had to switch over to SW 2022 due to horrible 2021 performance. Now Rhino won’t open SLDPRT files or even import them. This happened with SW2021 files when they first released it too, but McNeel got it fixed really quick. Time to do it again!!

Rhino says it imported or opened the file properly but no geometry appears. Have to go the extra step of saving the SLDPRT file out as a STEP, then import. Not the end of the world but really slows down work flow and adds more files.

I Evan -

We typically have to wait until the 3rd party library for reading SW files gets updated and then switch to that new library. I’ve put it on the list as RH-67502.

Thanks for the prompt reply!! So, maybe 3-4 months before RH-67502 gets released?

Are you able to run V8. If you are try that for the moment. I know it has the latest DataKit SDK. In the meantime I’ll see what V7 is running.


It would be helpful too to have a simple sldprt file that does not open for you. Thanks.


Hi Tim! Thanks for your reply. Version 8 is the WIP, correct?

I’ve attached a sample file from SW 2022. 2021 was running extremely slow for some bizarre reason so I reluctantly switched to 2022 yesterday. That’s why I’m suddenly running into this importing issue.

LT G2_Hatch Cover_V2_021722.SLDPRT (1.55 MB)

Yes, version 8 is the WIP and I have confirmed that V7 is not using the same SDK as V8. Thanks for the file. No need to test V8 if it’s inconvenient, I can do that myself now that I have a file to use.


The file does open in V8. I’ve attached a V7 file for you and I’ll get to working on getting V7 using the latest SDK.
LT G2_Hatch Cover_V2_021722.3dm (2.9 MB)

Holy smokes, that’s awesome!! Thanks! Any idea how long it will take to get this change implement in the next update?

I go back and forth between the programs very frequently. The work-around is to just save out the bodies as a STEP and then either open or import them into Rhino. And rotate 90-degrees since the X and Y axis are always flipped. When I import an SLDPRT file directly, the axis are correct. Again, just saves a few steps so not the end of the world for it to not function at the moment.

If it goes well, and I see no reason why it wouldn’t, it should be in the 7 release candidate on Tuesday. You can watch to see the progress.

The back port went ok so the fix will be in next week’s release candidate.

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Tim for the WIN!!

Wow, that’s awesome!! Much appreciated.

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May 2023 here. Import of SW 2022 files still doesn’t work.

Is there any chance its a problem with the specific file? I have imported SW2022 files into Rhino 7 without a problem.

Can you post the SW file you have a problem with?

No, this is a model from Airbus.
Yet, I was able to open it with the V8 WIP.

If it were an STP file I would say the issue is with the MDB functionality, specifically an STP 242. If the SW file has MDB specifics, I would say that is likely the source of the problem without any additional info.

It is not. We are talking about SW files.
This is the error message :

I’m out of here, I promised never to post here again.

We are potentially discussing MDB, SolidWorks has a specific module for MDB capability, and these files and native functionality may not be compatible.
If you would like to resolve the problem you should submit the SW to McNeel in private so that they may attempt to resolve the problem, or provide additional info.
As McNeel has indicated, V8 uses a different SDK than V7.

MDB may have nothing to do with the issue, so please submit the file to McNeel in private so that they can determine the issue, … I am just speculating.

Sorry, I don’t speak Acronym.
I have no idea what you are talking about , Freddy.