Solid Union Sphere and pipes


Heard a lot on the forum and thought I’ll start playing around with Grasshopper.
Now I’ve created a very simple Cube with Brep Edges that become pipes and a sphere in the corners (See pictures)

Why Can’t I Solid Union them? If I bake them and then booleanunion them then they are perfect. But GH won’t do it. What am I doing wrong?


Hi Jordy,

The Dashed Wire going from your [Pipe] component to the [Solid Union] tells me that you have the geometry on different Branches of the Data Tree and therefore they are not “treated” together.

The simple solution is to Right Click on the (Breps) input of [Solid Union] and select <\Flatten> from the context menu. You will then have everything squashed to the same branch.

Different Wire Types explenation here:

Hi Danny,

Thanks that worked. I know there were multiple data streams between them and thought it would just fix itself. So with flatten I will merge pipes from differtent lists too a single list.


Yes. Another approach would be to use [Shift Paths] which allows you to control how many Branches get collapsed. Which is more of a fine tune so that you don’t smack it with a sledge hammer and destroy all of the tree data at once.

Ah like that. Thanks :slight_smile:

Now I’m gonna try some random stuff like drawing random lines from edge to edge xD
Hope I can curve them later :smiley: