Join Meshes - Manifold and Solid


I am trying to Boolean Union two Meshes.

They start as one Closed Brep and one Closed SUbD from the Multi-Pipe command. I am intending to Metal 3D Print the final union so I need a solid / closed object (preferably). Any better ways to union meshes (or Breps and SubDivisions)?

Using WeaverBird’s “Join Meshes and Weld” currently with no luck

*I do not think I can upload files due to IP issues :confused: waiting to hear back from my manager *

This is impossible to determine the problem. It seems both meshing components are introducing naked edges and non-manifold geometry. So, we would need to look at those objects and take them through a manual meshing command to determine exactly where the mesh goes bad.

Possible to email you my GH file? Spoke with my manager and we do not want the file online as we are working on launching a product soon.


yes you can send a file here. Please post back here after uploading and refer to this topic in the mail you send.