Solid Subtraction not working on Slab Style from Grasshopper definition

Hey all,
I’m working on a slab, which is a barrel vault to which I need to subtract solid cilinders where there will be apertures. However, solid subtraction doesn’t work on that part of the geometry…
Any idea why?

working with latest version of both VA and Rhino (15.0 KB)

Barrel vault bug.3dm (2.9 MB)

Hi @F.ViscontiPrasca,

It looks like the problem is the “Volta” layer has got some points with 0 thickness in the middle, so it can be fixed giving some thickness to it (probably it would have some thickness once this was built). I’ll report this issue to see if it can be fixed anyway. (15.9 KB)
Barrel vault bug_fixed.3dm (3.1 MB)

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Thanks Alfonso for indulging,
that was easy, as a matter of fact setting parameter “Altezza della volta (R+)” to 0.001 changed the result, I should have done it earlier…

Of course infinitesimal offset does not represent an issue for the purpose of the model, and it as well a negligible margin of error in constructions, where adimensional element do not exist, however, the issue has been bugging me for a whle now: why is it not possible to operate booleans in such conditions?

Thanks in advance,



I am not sure yet. I have reported the issue to check if it is possible to fix it, but I guess it is related with the fact that VisualARQ doesn’t support layers with thickness 0 for now. I’ll keep you posted about this.