[bug] unable to boolean subtract

So when I saw that VisualARQ had been updated for Rhino 6 I was quite excited, as it was the last plugin I had been waiting on to make the switch. However, I’ve come across a pretty nasty bug that is slowing me down significantly.

Whenever I try to boolean subtract a solid from a VARQ object, the following happens:

  1. click boolean subtract tool
  2. select the BIM object I wish to subtract from, return
  3. select the object I wish to subtract, return
  4. nothing happens
  5. crash

my plugin list is:
Visual ARQ || April 18th release
Vray || 3.60.02

grasshopper plugins (I’m not using grasshopper when this happens)
paneling tools

Is this a common bug? is it a conflict on my end somehow? I’ve tried reinstalling both rhino and the VisualARQ plugin.

Any help would be appreciated.


RhinoCrashDump.3dm (3.8 MB)

Hi @Max_Sterry,

I’ve tried to reproduce the crash without success. Can you attach the 3DM model before running the subtract command?