Help with boolean difference

i’m trying to get a solid like the “desired” solid. but i’m not getting the results i want, it’s not differencing like the native command. when i do it natively i get what i want with 2 solids, but i can just delete one in the definition.

any help would be (39.8 KB)

(warning: it’s an ugly definition, i’m not that good at grasshopper)

Like this? (16.4 KB)


No plugins: (37.5 KB)

@Joseph_Oster @HS_Kim kind of, i’m looking for the result like the solids in the file. it’s using the “tub” to indent the box. the results from ya’lls version gives me a result kind of what i’m looking for but they don’t take into account the thickness of the tub i’m doing in the definition.

thanks for ya’lls help.Part1.3dm (928.0 KB) (24.7 KB)


I’ve done my part, the minor differences in detail are left up to you.

i do appreciate what you did, i did learn from it. thanks again.

I ignored your Part1.3dm and files and took another look at the file I posted to compare the differences more closely. Then I added a MESS of code (purple and yellow groups) to match the height and vertical alignment of the “desired” brep. Much to my unpleasant surprise, it then became apparent that somehow (‘Offset Brep’?) the “desired” inner shape being subtracted has been distorted??!!
:man_facepalming: Why? :frowning: (55.2 KB)

That’s nonsense. (50.3 KB)


i’m on a different project this morning, when i get back to this i’ll check this out. thank you. we make these pretty often so this will be nice to have it in grasshopper.