'0' Thickness Material Subtraction

The slabs in the image has ‘0’ thickness final finish material like paint.

I tried to subtract finish material with walls (solid), but only one solid subtracted the slab.

'0' Thickness  Subtraction Error

How can I fix this problem?

Hello @archist97,

I tried to reproduce the problem but it worked fine to me:

Please, could you send me your file?

‘0’ Thickness Subtraction Error.3dm (2.9 MB)

Hi @archist97,

I could reproduce it with your model, but if I create a new slab and two new solids in your file, it works fine. Which VisualARQ and Rhino versions are you using? I’ll report the problem and keep you updated about it.

Rhino 7 SR16
VisualARQ 2.12.4 (Non-Official Release)

I recreated everything (slab style, slab, and solid) and tried to subtract again, but still see same error.


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