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Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your help. I’m new in grasshopper, i just started to use it and I think that it’s a tool suitable for what I need. I read manuals and had a look at tutorials, but nothing seems to help. The aim of my work is to develop an algorithm that can create a solid perspective of any geometry. Is there anyone that did something similar using Rhino? I’m looking for suggestions.

Here some useful informations about solid perspective and what i need to do

Have you explored the ‘Set View’ options? There are so many built in…

Or looked at ‘Viewport Properties’? Setting ‘Lens Length(mm)’ to 300 gives a flat telephoto lens effect:


If this means writing code (Level: mid and further on) for that … it’s rather easy (given the Methods exposed in RC). Like:

If on the other hand you are after results (kinda “morphs” - so to speak) on objects itselfs it’s also doable via code … see for instance some Anamorphic distrortions on GeometryBase objects.

Or Affine Trans (working on the 4*4 Trans Matrix):

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Hey Joseph -
FWIW - He’s looking for distorted 3D geometry output from 3D input…


This might be a start for you.

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Thank you so much for your help. I’ll try your algorithm and tell you if it’s okay. Thanks again.

Sorry I don’t understand why the solid presents this wall


The goal of my work is to develop an algorithm that can create a strong perspective of any geometry. Has anyone done something similar using Rhino? I am looking for suggestions……

Yes, several tools have already been made for this purpose!!.
Yes, several tools have already been made for this purpose, sometimes creating ‘Cameras to Position’, in this or that software,…others have created ‘Plugins’ quite developed to even take out ‘Tours or Perspectives’ fixed’in any Geometry. ***It seems to me that you arrive quite late, to create something like this!..because the only thing that an interested party should do is know how to position a Camera in the right direction, at the right or interested height, and with the right corresponding or chosen lens (wide angle, tele, 35mm, 50mm, etc). And finally shoot a Render. This both for Rhinoceros, and within Grasshopper, with Plugins for such action, or in Sketchup, Revit, or any other software. I have also bought a tool (Stork to precisely take those shots, quite a good tool, although a bit complex too. (I tell you that I was a perspective architect, for several years, making presentations by hand, with watercolors, acrylics of different d studies e architecture, and the Digital tools changed the whole procedure of realization of Perspectivas. It seems to me that you could investigate more, because a subject almost (finished) with the digital software. It seems to me like wanting to create something already almost realized in many forms.__ Try learn where and how to place Photographic Cameras within Rhinoceros and or in Grasshopper, then point to whatever geometry you want to do, with a certain height, a certain lens and a necessary lighting, etc, etc. First you must know where the camera tools are You photograph to get perspectives, right?

And more now, with the ai softwares……
From text to image( no more than that).

The times changes all,…my work too!.
( no more hand-drawings-perspectives…and that after more than 30 years-Perspetives ).
that is that

What text did you enter and into what bot to generate these images, and at what point does someone stop taking credit for these as their “creations”?


Uploading: stork plugin.JPG…

There is no unique or magical text that does what one wants, it is to try, try, vary, trying to get closer to the previous idea that you may have for a certain interior space, in a certain way…circular, or square, etc… or at the same time to see what appears and be able to find new ideas as well and follow a new approach

Disco Diffusion

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I don’t think most people realize what this technology, only in its infancy, portends for the world; the only safe occupation will be blacksmith. It’s not just a matter of compensating those whose work has been pilfered, but all those whose jobs or even fields will be eliminated. Maybe the GH forum isn’t the place to discuss a UBI, but nobody here is immune, no matter how talented.

The truth is, a lot of these AI images are very appealing, most art is not terribly original, and most people are not very sophisticated. Why hang a painting on your wall when you can summon an infinity of pictures by a few random phrases to Alexa? Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.