Compressing or scaling geometry from one perspective, high relief effect


I am interested in generating a series of high relief’s based on room perspectives, I’ve been using the “make 2d drawing” function and setting my camera on “2d perspective”, then projecting the 2d lines to create this effect. (See image for reference)

However, I think it would be possible to automate this process through a script or plugin, if it hasn’t been done already, or maybe there is a command that already does this. So far, I haven’t been able to find any discussions or posts that relate to this topic so any help would be appreciated.

Maybe it could be related to this topic sort of the inverse, but with depth

Maybe experiment changing the lens length of the Perspective viewport.
50mm is a standard view similar to what your eye sees.
You can distort that view with a shorter lens length like 28mm or less.

Here’s a screenshot of a box using a 13mm lens length and the corresponding Make2D curves.

Thanks for the reply but maybe I didn’t express myself well, I’ve been doing that already. What I wanted to know was if there was a way to scale a 3d model in such a way that it retains the perspective, sort of compressing it in one axis but keeping the shape seen through the viewport

Hi Richard,
Are you trying to do exact perspective view match, or a distortion that rougly looks like the perspective?
In the second case, you can try CageEdit command, use 2 BoundingBox and 2 points for XYZ, then you can distort the corner points to imitate the camera frustum distortion. Does that help?


Hi Jarek,

Genius idea! Seems like that did it. Ideally I would’ve liked to achieve an exact perspective match but a close aproximation of that would do just fine.