Geometry disappear from Perspective view when opening Grasshopper


I’m using Rhino7 (Version 7 SR14 7.14.22010.17001, 2022-01-10). I’m working with a line geometry model and as soon as I open my Grasshopper script all the geometry disappears from the perspective view. It comes back again as soon as I close the script, very frustrating… I hope it’s something simple…

See attached video… I have tried to turn off the GPU Tessellation but that did nothing…

What’s in that Grasshopper definition?

Nothing out of the ordinary… no fancy plugins etc. just Human and Lunchbox… using excel reader and also Object Attributes to grab data from lines…

I have narrowed it down to a cluster… graphics comes back when I disable that cluster.

See image of cluster below… hopefully someone can spot something.

nothing too unusual, what’s this plane component? only other component I’m not recognizing is before the curve offset.

This one

Nothing unusual, I have those plugins loaded if you want send me something to test.

Upload to Support

Thanks @Japhy, files uploaded and coming your way.

The image resolution is too low. I can’t read anything…

Thanks for the upload Oskar, it looks like i need to update my Tekla to view the entire definition. I’ll need to get back to you later today, maybe tomorrow. Thanks.

@Japhy you can simply delete them, they are just output into Tekla. I mostly have them disabled when I’m working with the script.

Well, you can thank the forum for that. I uploaded the full scale image, must have bee scaled down when I uploaded.

1920 x 644 pixels…

Did you export the image with CTRL+SHIFT+Q or Export High-res Image?


Hi Oskar,
how do you get the wires straight?

Looks like you’re GH might be taxing the graphics too much.

If I open the without the references and turn off preview


and then open with the references (autocad and excel info) it open its fine.

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Yes mate, the image is 6027x2023 px when I upload it.

@Baris it’s a plugin called Riched Wires :ok_hand:


Thanks for your help @Japhy this does make the perspective view stay on… but I’m looking at my graphics card and it doesn’t seem to be struggling… so not sure why…

My solution is to use one of the other views and rotate it around into a 3d view… that works since I really need to see what I’m doing.

Anything else I can do to utilize more of my graphics card’s power?

It may be a bug or something in that definition that’s causing the preview to mess with rhino graphics. I’ll see if there’s a dev tool that can help narrow it down.


Would be interesting to know, I can work around it for now but it’s still annoying. Mostly I would like to know if I could have done something to avoid it in the future.

Did you find anything?

Is there something that can be done in Windows to allocate more resources to Rhin/GH on the graphics?