Solid Control Point in Grasshopper

Dear all,

I am trying to create a parametric surface or mesh in grasshopper which can be control by several points( lets say in my case 2 control point). Normally in rhino we can use “solid control point” command to change the shape of a surface. Unfortunately I can not fine any command in grasshopper which can generate control point in surface or mesh. Can anyone help me in this way?

in the picture I show the lines which I want to create my mesh from and 2 points which should be used as control points.

Take your pick. (12.4 KB)

Dear Michael,

Thanks for your help. but my problem is not extracting surface or mesh point. the goal is to identify some specific point in surface and then optimize surface by changing those points position in parametric way. it mean that after generating surface points I need to regenerate my surface based on new arrangement of my points.


If you want to move specific vertices of a mesh, that can be done in one of two ways. If you want to move specific vertices of a brep, then Grasshopper cannot help you, it doesn’t provide access to solid points. You can change control points of individual surfaces, but not control-points of surfaces that are part of a polysurface.

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Thanks David. Right now I found a new way to solve this with mesh surfaces. Here I share it with anyone who is interested.

I would use the Point Deform component if I were you. You specify a bunch of points that must coincide with some of the mesh vertices, and for each point you can set a displacement vector. You can find it in Transform->Morph panel.

It will work for curves, surfaces and meshes.

Was just about to attach this but seems David beat me to it. (10.9 KB)

Ah, thanks for clarifying this! …was driving myself nuts trying to figure out how to shift some brep vertices around since it seemed so simple, but good to know the limits.