Rhino.Geometry.ControlPoint container

Is there a way to transform Rhino.Geometry.ControlPoint into an actual point in Grasshopper



I wish to manipulate the control points of a surface coming from Rhino.

a = []

l = x.Points
for pt in l:

assuming your type hint for x is set to surface.

Thanks Chris,

Meanwhile I came up with this one:

Why I had to use RhinoCommon here instead of sticking inside Grasshopper api I have no idea.

@DavidRutten, is it possible to add a ControlPoint object inside GH api?

Grasshopper doesn’t really deal with control-points. It reverts to using 3d points and an additional weight factor when apposite.

But when you’re using Point3d, Surface or NurbsSurface.Points you’re also using RhinoCommon… almost all geometric types and methods are RhinoCommon.