Controlling control points of a curve created in Rhino with Grasshopper

Hi peeps!

I have just started using Grasshopper and I was wondering if it is possible to control the ‘control points’ of a curve created in Rhino, with Grasshopper.

If yes, then how can it be done?


Data flows pretty much one way between Rhino and Grasshopper. You can reference an existing Rhino curve, modify it’s control-point locations in Grasshopper and then bake a new curve into Rhino with those modified points, but unless you resort to plug-ins or scripting Grasshopper is not able to change the state of objects in the Rhino document.

Thanks! I’ll try it out

Hi David, with which function/command can I modify the curve’s control point location in Grasshopper?

I am using the function/command Control points to extract the nurbe control points of the curve but how can I modify the control point?

You modify the points and feed them back into a nurbs curve component: (8.8 KB)

Thanks Amir! Where do you give input to change the position of control points?

The move component.

the correct tool for this is called “point deform”, since you have a great chance in accidentally changing other curves properties such as the knotvector, when doing it like Amirs approach (which is not wrong).
If you only want to change the cps, the only non-scriptable solution is like this:
(works for surfaces as well) (8.3 KB)