Editing surface control points using Grasshopper

editing surface control points using Grasshopper

is there any way to edit surface control points using Grasshopper? i can’t seem to find any examples online. thank you in advance for any assistance!

Use the surface points component to get the points. Move them around with the point deform component.

when i use point deform on a surface the points seem to be UV coordinates and not individual points, i.e. when i use a List Item and set the index to say “1”, instead of a single point on the surface being selected it selects multiple points:

can you advise, how do i select individual/ specific control points in grasshopper?

I don’t see point deform in your screenshot, however it works fine here.

Point Deform.gh (8.7 KB)

how are you defining the initial surface here in this example? when i do this it only picks up one of the four corners of the surface:

Make a surface with more control points. Either rebuild command in Rhino. Or rebuild surface component you can get from Pufferfish.

i can not get this to work… here is a video showing a surface manipulation of points:

this does not seem to use Point Deform, any idea how this works?

Check attached definition equivalent to your reference tutorial.

DeformedSrf_re.gh (11.3 KB)


i can not get this to work…

What can you not get working? It is pretty straight forward. You just need a surface that has more control points, right now you’re using a surface that has only control points in the corners. Rebuild the surface with Rhino rebuild command, make the number of control points higher. It works fine in the example I sent you.

ptdef.gh (9.8 KB)

thank you Michael and Kim, it works!
now a question in case you know the answer: both “Point Deform” and “Surface from Points” work similarly in the above examples, is there a way to add different Weights to these points?

thank you both very much!

Hi. How can I connect more than one slider to the list item component for controlling several points like you did in here?

Shift+drag. I highly suggest you watch some intro tutorials before trying this stuff. That is one of the first things you will learn.

No I know that, but when I do this it is giving this error

It is all in the error message, you have 2 points and one vector. That component needs one vector for each point you plug in.

Oh thank you so much!

Just got another idea.
Deconstruct surfaces for creating the Point Cloud file which is based on 3D model. Don’t know if this is a good path.

I’ve been looking for a tutorial on how to create a surface like this. Can you explain how you did it and how you fixed the error message?