Get selected control points of surface as input for grasshopper


I´m trying to work with control points in Grasshopper to deform surfaces. Unfortunately I wasn´t able to discover how to set selected control points in of surface as input for grashopper. Is there any way to do it ?

I know that Grashopper can work with control points of surface, but can it works with directly selected row of points from rhino view ?

I´m searching something like: GetControlpoints of surface


Thanks Tom

Simple via code rather impossible without (notably with regard variations etc):

Imagine a parameter (NOT connected via any wire to anything at all) accessed via his NickName. Imagine a piece of code (C# in my case) that gets the surf cntr pts and stores them as persistent data to that parameter. Each time that something (in this case a change in the slider(s) related with x/y/z location) the collection in the parameter is “updated” (or some new version of the collection is created - variations etc etc) and the content is read PRIOR any slider event (that causes the code to execute). That way you can access any point (obviously via some index) modify it, visually ispect the result and either accept the change (new location) or reject it (meaning: go for another point). In other words swap volatile data (per code execution) to persistent.

This does a “similar” job (instead of Surf cntr pts changes Mesh vetrices - but the approach is exactly the same). See various action options (on local or global [history of variations - “stacked” vertically for clarity] level).


Thank you for your reply !
I´m trying to acces control points viaPython.
But I would really appreciate if something like single component “get selected Control points” of selected surface would exist :slight_smile:

Well … it’s not that simple (for a real-life working approach). Anyway… good luck with that P thing.