Sole _2020

New in rendering


looks great! would love to see more in progress shots from this model. can you talk a bit about how you got to this point?


Next time I’ll explain this in a video clip, from scratch to finish.


Cool thanks! Super interested in your workflow. Gorgeous parts!!

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i want to listen about this explaination?

may I ask how the displacement texture for the side part was applied?

is there a way to create displacement with textures in rhino?

you can displace in rhino, you’ll need to adjust your mesh to handle the displacement-

and then apply it here-

fun trick… displace something, then run extractrendermesh to get a real physical mesh that you can print! easy way to get real textured objects when cnc or 3d printing is the goal-

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Thank you very much for the tip, very insightful!

Does this apply to NURBS generated geometries as well as meshes?


Hi -

Only in the way that it applies to the display mesh of a NURBS object.
If you take a closer look at Kyle’s first picture, you will see that he is cranking up the display mesh settings for a NURBS object.

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gotcha, thanks for the answer. :grinning: I generally do displacement in keyshot but it’s resources hungry in the render and doesn’t work as well with geometry export for sending to rapid prototyping (it’s not it’s job in the end). I’d rather import a mesh with texturing already in the geometry, especially for the tactile “grainy” 3d texture that don’t need much control on orientation etc.