3d texture, any tips?

I need to texture my 3D models. Apparently it is not an easy task to be done in Rhino.
I currently use KeyShot to apply visual textures.
Key Shot presents a pleasant work environment, with quick completion, but I can’t export the Bumps, to use for 3d printing.
Does anyone know anything really effective, that you can export from Rhino, apply texture and send to 3D printing ?.
Or some pluiguin developed for Rhino?

I thoguht I could show you examples, but this video is the best one for it, even though it’s for V5. This is by Brian James of McNeel.

You will start off with your polysurface/surface objects (or meshes, if they are high density). You use the mapping tools in Rhino to determine how any texture will repeat and be applied over the surface. The Textures palette will come in really useful (type Textures and enter into the command line). After you import your images into here, or create from Rhinos presets as Brian does, you can then apply one of these inside the Displacement object property (the small orange sphere icon). Then you tweak how strong the displacement is. You can then go back to the mapping to perfect it.

At this point, you’re working with a preview. When you ExtractRenderMesh (as Brian does), you get the mesh object for printing. Cleanup/Optimise (ReduceMesh) as required.

If the video doesn’t help, I can make an example. Better still, upload a file of the kind of object you are working on. Then I can focus any help to your purpose.

As far as I know you can extract the rendermesh of your components you applied a displacement texture to. This rendermesh should work just fine for 3D printing…

Edit: ah I see @Jonathan_Hutchinson allready said so…