Named views in layouts

It would be great if there was a way to set the named view for a detail in a layout. For example I have a layout with 4 details and I want 3 to use one named view and 1 to use another. I find it very useful for showing a product in both it’s open and closed state.

As a work around I’ve been copying a version of the model in an open state to a different layer and using the per layer detail settings. The issue with that is if a material changes or the geometry changes it gets of of sync.

Hi okeatin,

Could it be you mean to have different named positions per detail?
Setting named views per detail is already possible and your description of an open and closed state makes me wonder if you meant to talk about positions?

In any case I think is would be very useful to have that as a feature; set different named positions per detail.


Sure, but don’t really see how that would work as a detail is just a window to the 3d ‘reality’. For that to work, the geometry would have to be in two places at the same time, i.e. be copied. Named Positions exactly overcomes that problem.
Then again, there was word on the RH6 detail system that would freeze a view… Hmmm… we’ll just have to wait a bit… (some time before christmas:).

Yeah I did mean named positions. Since you can already control layers by detail I was hoping there was some way to control the named position per detail. Oh well I’ll continue making extra layers and hope for that freeze view in RH6.