Snapshots doesn't remember settings once file is closed

If a snapshot is created with specific options selected, these options are remembered each time the snapshot is updated (saved again on itself) as long as it’s in the same Rhino session. Once Rhino closes the settings memory is lost.

For example, I no longer remember what settings I had enabled in this scene while saving the snapshot. Now, I have to guess since the options panel is totally empty (back to default)

Temporary Workaround
Edit snapshot
Screenshot the settings then close settings
Update snapshot as required

You are telling me how to work around the problem or there is a setting to make it actually remember?
(I know how to work around things, it is not about hacks … also I imagine you keep up the logistics of screenshoting all your Rhino files and keeping them updated for every little iteration).

You’re not the only person this will affect until the problem is resolved.

Who said anything about keeping the screenshot?

oh, ok. So it’s a known issue then ? If they are tracking, then it’s good. I’ll make do with hacks.

The problem I had today is I open an older file two months later and there is no way I remember how it was saved back then … I’ll just keep recreating the settings until they fix it.