Rhino 6 view capture not remembering settings

Rhino 6 doesn’t remember last used settings when using -ViewCaptureToFile. In Rhino 5 this command remembered resolution, grid settings etc. Is that a bug or something that is removed on purpose in the new release? It is annoying to have to type in correct resolution over and over again.
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It should remember settings set within the command during previous run. Could you give an example and details of the settings you used?

Hi. Thank you for the response. I use “-ViewCaptureToFile” command. I can see now that all options are saved except the resolution (which is the most annoying to change again and again). Please see here:

It reverts to the resolution of my viewport.

I see it. This happens only in the scripted version of the command. Here is the bug logged….
Thanks for your report.

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Thank you.

Do you expect that Width/Height be remembered across sessions, or should be reset to viewport?

In rhino 5 it was reset with opening of a new session, and it worked well. But I have no opinion.

RH-48689 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate