OSnap Settings

When I use Rhino on the Mac the OSnap settings are saved and with each file I open, they are as they were in the last file etc. I needed to use 3D rendering S/W so I migrated to a Windows PC and I can’t for the life of me find where to save these.

ChatGPT states there are in Options>Snapshots but there is no such option. I know to use it with a grain of caution but it’s surprisingly a more efficient Google search or assistant.

Please advise as it is completely gnarly to keep setting them.


Hello- Options > Modeling aids , I think is what you are looking for.


That’s not the case on either platform, the osnap settings are global, not per-file. The last-used settings are remembered. As MacRhino is MDI, I don’t know how that works between the various instances open at one time.