Main window size and position forgotten

The current WIP doesn’t remember the main window size, position and state.

To retrace:
Start Rhino V6.
Change the window size.
Close Rhino V6.
Start Rhino V6.

When we store a file before closing Rhino, the settings are remembered.


Do you start Rhino right away after closing? AFAIK it takes a moment for Rhino to write settings on close. On slow drives (especially HDD) it’ll be even more apparent. Have you tried waiting for a moment longer between the stop and start?

I rely on the window position remembering quite a bit, I haven’t noticed bugs with that.

Any chance you had multiple Rhino sessions running?
The last one back in the barn overwrites the settings of the Rhinos that closed before.

No, one session only.


Ah, I couldn’t imagine.
On quit, Rhino vanishes from the task manager immediately.

If I wait 2-3 seconds, all is ok.

Thank you.