Main window size and position forgotten


The current WIP doesn’t remember the main window size, position and state.

To retrace:
Start Rhino V6.
Change the window size.
Close Rhino V6.
Start Rhino V6.

When we store a file before closing Rhino, the settings are remembered.


(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #2

Do you start Rhino right away after closing? AFAIK it takes a moment for Rhino to write settings on close. On slow drives (especially HDD) it’ll be even more apparent. Have you tried waiting for a moment longer between the stop and start?

I rely on the window position remembering quite a bit, I haven’t noticed bugs with that.

(John Brock) #3

Any chance you had multiple Rhino sessions running?
The last one back in the barn overwrites the settings of the Rhinos that closed before.


No, one session only.



Ah, I couldn’t imagine.
On quit, Rhino vanishes from the task manager immediately.

If I wait 2-3 seconds, all is ok.

Thank you.