Snapshot incorrectly ? restored in Layout 2 different Detail views


I’m opening a new post (hope on the appropriate place)

Incorrect ? behavior of snapshot restoring in 2 different detail views created in Layout :

A - Snapshot Explanation & steps
1 - create 2 different Layer status (in Layer manager) called Default / Print
2 - create 2 different snapshots based on each of the layers status called Default / Print
3 - create a new layout with 2 identical framed Detail views
4 - Activate snapshot Default in 1st Detail view
5 - Activate snapshot Print in 2nd Detail view

Then, if you try restoring any of those 2 snapshots to one of the 2 Detail Views, the snapshot will be restored in both Detail Views
Except if you keep on doing it (3rd time)…
See below the video.

B - Views vs Snapshots
I created 2 Named Views with the same names as the snapshots
In Layout Detail views, “Snapshot” is not restoring the section (clipping) plane
In same Layout Detail views, “Names Views” do correctly restore section (clipping plane)
No video…

C - Hatches and colors
Hatches and color print styles (set in the layer state and saved in Snapshots) are not restored.
In fact, the layer state of the Layout viewport affects ALL the Detail Views
If one of the layers is off, in will be off in all Detail views, even if it was aimed to be on
(Named or Snapshots)

I do understand that

  • if layer state is changed while editing a Detail View, it will affect both views
    But snapshot layer settings should override Layout’s layer settings ? no ?