Snapshot animation Rhino 6 mac WIP

Hi All.

Does anyone know if the animation section of the mac WIP snapshot command is working ?

The one where it translates between snapshots as opposed to the scrolling through still images of snapshots ?

On line says to double click the snapshot once you have turned on animation but it isn’t doing anything.

Also where do I report bugs manually ?



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Are you on latest WIP? It’d be useful to get the results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo in a reply here.

Check publicly visible snapshot bugs to see if already something is logged. This bug has already been reported though as

Reporting you can do here (someone will log them to the YouTrack system), or do it yourself at


Thanks for the response.

So is Snapshot animation supposed to be working ? I think that’s my main question.

I updated to the latest WIP just before I tried the snapshot command.

I’ll post the system info command tommorow

And thank you for the reply.

Now for the biggie.

Will snapshot work with keyshot as it’s renderer ?

That would be flipping amazing :grimacing:

It is supposed to work, but it currently doesn’t - it is a bug. I linked to the bug report for that. Once that gets fixed it should work again, but that is not in the current version. Some future version, hopefully fairly soon.

edit: I don’t know about Keyshot, you’ll have to ask the Keyshot people about that :slight_smile:

Ahh that’s great thanks Nathan.

I wasn’t sure wether I was trying to make a function that wasn’t available work.

Look forward to the big fix.

Should I still report it or is it under way as you say it is in the system ?

Re keyshot would it not be a mc neal thing to use key shot bridge snapshots for the Animation or is that not how it works ?

It is already in the system.

Generally third-party devs are responsible for integrating their tools into Rhino themselves (or use contractors to do so). We provide the SDKs and support.

Great thanks for your help.