Export video of snapshot animation

Hi Again,

I’ve been doing some pretty elaborate screen capture to get a video of the snapshot animation saved to my computer is there a way to do it from inside rhino?


Hi ATH, any word on this? I was wondering the same thing.

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It appears this has been tabled till the next 7 release: Snapshots plugin prototype in the latest WIP
This is a desirable workflow for me. Lately I’ve been bouncing to Autodesk Fusion for an movie export. Love to hear your work flow too though. Have you had good luck screen capturing? I’m hopeful that the native rhino animations will become exportable. It’s painful to say, Fusion is rapidly becoming a enticing alternative too.

any update on this? trying to export snapshot animations to create a video.

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For now you can use SnagIt. It works great to capture videos https://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.html
and you can add multiple viewport, your own voice (and/or background music), even your webcam. And extremely simple to use.

I figured out a way to do this by exporting the animation and using a python script to glue all the images together. I could share more info if anyone is interested.


Is this particular process of your similar to the youtube video you posted here? Or is it something else which deals with Snapshots in particular?

always fascinating to see a conversation live on after you’ve left it… this script is very cool.

Hi @lars,

I would like to use the Rhino animation tools for rendering snapshot animations too. It could be nice to define which snapshots should be shown in the animation. What do you think?

Hi Michael, is it possible to share your python script ?