when running the animation to go through some saved snapshots this window keeps popping up, very annoying :roll_eyes:

This usually means that you were in a saved snapshot > you rotated/panned the view > and then clicked on another snapshot (or the snapshot animation button). It’s telling you that the current rotated view, is not saved as a snapshot.

I was opening a topic about it. I also have this problem. Yesterday I spent a whole day creating a 200 snapshot animation. they go from number 1 to 2 and up to 200, this message always appeared and ticking “Do nor show this message” had no effect.

This video does not happen.

I have the impression that in Rhino BETA Snapshot there are no commands. I only see a + to add a snapshot and then apply, but I don’t see a save command like in Vimeo’s video.



yep, its annoying :confused:

yes true, but it still doesn’t work as intended (I use the windows side too), hopefully just needs a few tweaks to fix, snapshots are great for presentation :+1:

@milezee Could you send me the model please. I am unable to reproduce this.

@milezee Could you press the “Show Details…” button and paste the content of the dialog here. I just found a problem with the Object Material Assignment client and fixed it. Would like to make sure that it is the same problem that causes the dialog to pop up in your case.

Hi Lars, show detail info below
The following information will be lost:
Construction Plane
Display Mode
Dithering and Color Adjustment
Material Assignment on 336 object(s).
Display Mode on 336 object(s).

model attached as requested

Liven Meeting Room Table (V6).3dm (12.5 MB)

Thanks for the file. I am able to reproduce the problem. Will look into it.

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RH-53271 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

performs worse now than it did before, 100% unusable :crazy_face:

I’m sorry but I see no difference. Same behavior in the previous comments.


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@milezee, @Zsimon

Sorry for the late reply. I should have posted some info about the bug here but forgot.

There was a bug in the way snapshots were saved in previous versions of Rhino. That bug got fixed in SR15. The fix has a side effect which causes the Unsaved Model State dialog to pop up every time a snapshot gets restored if it was saved with a previous version of Rhino.
This can be fixed by running the TestFixSnapshotFile command which got added to SR17. The command runs through all snapshots and re-saves (restore/save) them.

Will the SR17 version be released today?


SR17 is already available as a Service Release Candidate. Keep in mind that SR17 has been tested less than SR16, so update only if you think it’s worth the risk of encountering new bugs.

How to update: Help -> Check for Updates.... Update frequency: Service Release Candidate.

Then press Check Now.... to download the update.

The other alternative is to wait for SR17 to become the official Service Release, which should take a few weeks.

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@DavidEranen You are referring to Rhino 6 for Windows SR17 RC. Unless I am mistaken, @Zsimon is asking about Rhino for Mac.

The plan is to publish Rhino 6 for Mac SR17 RC1 the same day we publish Rhino 6 for Mac 6.16.

I’m using Rhino for Mac ver 6.19. I have two gears that I’m trying to rotate with Snapshots. A large one rotating 90degrees and a smaller gear rotating 180degrees. I take a snapshot of their beginning position and a second of their final position. Based on all the tutorials and videos I should be able to double click between the two snapshots and a smooth animation should show them moving from one position to the next. What I get instead is the large gear rotating correctly but the smaller gear doing a weird twisting movement. I have “Constant Time” at 100 frames, “Delay between frames” at 10 milliseconds and “Animate Snapshots Restoration” checked. Also, this doesn’t work for solids or curves. Is anyone else having this problem?

Hi - a snapshot only records the current state of something (such as an object’s position). It does not store any information on how an object got in a certain position.

Animate Snapshots Restoration is only meant to show some gradual transition between two states. For animating objects in Rhino, you will have to use Grasshopper or Bongo.