Snapping to curves in space while creating a planar curve?


I’m a designer working with rhino. A recurring problem for me is when I have multiple curves in space that I want to use as construction lines.

The curves are positioned in different heights in space and when I am in top view and want to snap to those lines to create the desired line, the finished curve looks good in top view. But, of course always ending up snapping up and down to my construction curves.

I then have to create a flat surface in top view and then project my line onto that surface, deleting the surface and the old curve, then moving my planar curve to the desired position. I thought that having “planar” checked would do this for me but I can’t figure out any way to go around this problem.

I asked my colleagues without any success, anyone who can help?


-projectOsnap ?

or after you drew the line, -setPt in Z or -projectToCplane

Finally! Thank you, appreciate it. That will save me loads of time in the future haha.

I sometimes use a pair of ClippingPlanes to isolate one set of curves when there are stacked curve.