Curves on a flat plane

Hi All,

I am not new to rhino however I have been using Sketchup more recently at work.

What I want to know is why is it so difficult to make a curve that sticks to one flat plane/axis?

When I’m trying to make a curve (so i can extrude it and make it solid capped extrusion) i will hover over the points i want to trace, however the cursor ends up snapping to here there and everywhere (to other objects in the model) which makes it 10x + longer to make a simple extrusion…
I am currently just trying to draw out a shape but when i look at it in front view it has snapped into another direction and isnt a shape or ‘curve’ that has been drawn onto a flat plane. Ultimately this means I cannot loft my shape in order to make it a surface or make a capped extrusion.
This is making it very time consuming just to model simple geometry. I suppose this is why people feel rhino isn’t very user friendly and time efficient to model with.

I’m sure there are others out there who are perhaps new to Rhino that see the potential in modelling with it over sketchup and will appreciate some help with this topic.

Kind Regards,

try putting the snap Project and Planar simultaneously

Alternative methods:

You can also use Project to Cplane when you are done sketching, then it flattens together everything you’ve selected on to the construction plane in the view you are in.
Transform > Project to CPlane

You can also disable object snapping (Osnap in the bottom part of the UI) before you draw.

you can also set the OSnap to “on surface” or “on polysurface” after the command of linetype (polyline/line/curve/etc.)
then you select the surface and it projects anytime to you selection.