Planar curves in viewports

With the latest release of the Mac version, I attempted to draw some simple objects just to get a feel for the new UI. In the Perspective viewport I drew a box with the box tool. In the right viewport I attempted to draw a curve to use as a “cutting object” to trim the box I had drawn. When returning to the perspective viewport I noticed that the curve I had drawn in the right viewport was not planar. Shouldn’t the Top, Right, and Front viewports create planar curves in each viewport? This also happened when I was attempting to draw a surface with the surface tool in the front viewport. I was drawing a surface to fill a void in a series of polysurfaces. With EndSnap turned on, three of the points were where they were intended but the forth snapped to a point at the far end of the box. In the front viewport it appeared correct, but in perspective it was very distorted.

They should if you haven’t modified their default CPlane and you don’t snap to anything (snaps override the default CPlane)… It would surprise me if they are drawing non-planar curves under the above conditions.

That also can be quite normal. If there are concurrent snaps in a parallel viewport but at different “depths”, you never know which one you are snapping to, that’s why you need to look/snap in another viewport to confirm.