Snap line to line

Will someone here please give me the procedure and sequence to snap the bottom line of a letter to a
drawn boundary line. What is the setting for OSNAP? I enclose a sketch for your view.

There probably several ways to do it. You have to choose the one that your most comfortable with. Try the gumball or the move command. As people say, “Rhino is dumb” , you have to think of ways to make it work for you. Rhino uses a boundingbox around text. You can use gumball relocate to position it at that point you want it to move it from, then type in a distance or osnap to a line. Get comfortable trying different ways. —-Mark

you can pick any osnap of the letter, in the move command and then, define the direction with the mouse and then lock that direction pressing TAB once. and finally searching for a Near or end or what ever osnap you have in the reference line.


First off thank you for your intent.
Secondly, I screwed up. I must have put my query into the wrong category,
I am looking for a way to snap a line in the letter to an alignment line in Autocad.
I found no way to add an image for view. I do so now.
Thanks again,
Guido De Angelis

snap to line.dwg (35.6 KB)

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