Snapping two lines together... Arg!

I’m working on a pattern I lofted off some plans, I have one bottom line, and then a curved line I made with points. Now I need to join both together, I have Osnap open and Snap on with the End option checked.

two things:

  1. If I select the curve, it will not snap to the lines end point, I can come close but there is no snap

  2. Once I get one side snapped, I need to take the other end of the curve and move the end point the end of the, slightly adjusting the curve.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.


Sounds like you may be dragging the whole line. Instead try turning on the control points for the lines and drag the end control points to move the ends of the lines. Or try the Match command with Position continuity.

Thank You, I’m really rusty :smile:

Once I turned points on, I went “Oh Yeah, that’s it!”