Snap center is snapping to a non existing object

How can i find an invisible object that I only know the center of?
I have to turn snap center on and off because of this. I have ben doing the same set of commands for hours when this inappropriate snap started. I have moved all good parts to a different layer then deleted the layer that the mystery object is on, then deleted that layer, NO help! I have zoomed extents with all 4 views showing looking for something way off the parts i’m working on, found one but it was not the problem.

Center snap is rather “snappy”, and will seem to overrule other snaps out of nowhere.

Dave, can you post the file or send it to me via private message?



I finished that section of my drawing by Turing the snap center on and off,
after I finished that section the problem was gone.
I worked for hours trying to find the object, and then got rid of it by