Onsap - center

Can i turn off the center Osnap for objects that don’t have center points anyway? that’s what area centroid is for.

Draw a rectangle or square, then turn on nearest and center snaps… GOOD LUCK EVERY GETTING NEAR… you have to toggle center off and on to use one of the most powerful Osnaps.

It is very very annoying.

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With the cursor tip/center outside the rectangle it snaps to the rectangle. Move it inside and it snaps to the “center”.

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Yes, but its only that nice when you are in a very simple environment. When you have multiple items and polysurfaces it becomes very difficult. It just wants to snap to the “center” of the next object because now you are inside of that one.

I guess my own example was my enemy… :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not alone… check this:

Oh man, tobias, thanks. I searched for this but didn’t find that. Glad its already in the works, hopefully. Cause the way it is currently is a disaster.