Change sensitivity on object snaps?

Hi. For some reason, the snaps works strange on a computer in school. What it does is that it snaps to the “center” muuuuch stronger than to “nearest”. It would make some sense if I selected an object or whatever but now I have nothing selected but want to do a polyline. Obv I have enabled “nearest” as object snap. Is there some sort of snap-threshold/sensitivity or why does it work like that? So when the cursor is about 3meter from the line, it snaps about 35 meters away to center, IE its almost 12x as far away, yet still snaps.

Hi Goran- what service release is this Rhino? (Help > About Rhinoceros).


I have this too here on 5SR7/Win7 - center snap overrules all other snaps. I usually disable center snap, unless I really need it.

Center snap activates when the mouse cursor is on the curve in question, not it’s center. So it’s more or less normal for it to snap to the center of an object (that has a center) when the cursor is nowhere near the center, but is near the curve. That’s just how it works.

That being said, Center Osnap is far too strong in Rhino - it has been forever - but there seems to be no willingness to adjust it. So as Menno said, many people just turn Center off, and activate it only when they really need it.


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Yes, and I wonder why??? There are also other things not working as they should with osnaps - especially when smart tracking is on (which is always - for me, at least)…


As center Osnap strength is being discussed, there are times when it snaps to a polyline center instead of the circle being aimed for, as in the jpg attached - the crosshair is actually on the circle but snaps to the polyline.

(Photo taken instead of a screenshot to catch the crosshairs)

I think there is a case for an additional snap feature for polylines and have Center Osnap exclusively for circles and arcs.

Also with EndPt and MidPt Osnaps, they would be more effective if they could find the snaps points by clicking the curve anywhere.

With MidPt, sometimes you need to run along the curve to find it and with EndPt, sometimes a zoom is required to snap the correct curve, or just to see that you are on the correct curve.

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Almost ten years later and this is still an issue… Does anyone in the know have any idea if this will ever be acknowledged on the developer side? It’s inefficient to constantly be turning on and off the center Osnap…

While talking about Osnaps, it’d be handy if we could get “two shot” Osnaps - or Osnaps that stay on for the operation - I frequently find myself moving small circles and have to turn on center twice per operation…

Thank you!

One thing that helps avoiding center snap is by approaching a curve or surface edge from outside of the shape.

Oh SNAP, there’s a whole other thread. Thanks for the heads up.

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