Center Object Snap: feature or bug?

There seems to be new behaviour in R7 Object Snap Center. It now reliably finds the center of a rectangular face (even when the face is part of a solid) but also finds ‘centers’ of trimmed and non- rectangular planar faces, and chooses odd locations for the snap. This means it finds ‘centers’ all over the place in any solid model and often leads to incorrectly placed snaps. If you look at the attached image you can see the points picked by Cen snap, which smake no sense. They don’t even match up with Area Centroid points, so how is the choice being made?
This should really be clearer, and preferably be a separate selectable option in the Osnap menu.
The problem is exascerbated by the fact that the Cen snap seems to be very dominant in cases where there are multiple snap target candidates, so for example when I’m looking to snap to the corner of a feature, Osnap often jumps to one of these arbitrary face ‘centers’.

Incidentally, the attached image also illustrates a little display glitch where point objects are clipped by surfaces. I’ve got point size set at 6 to exaggerate this issue. If this is also a feature, I would prefer the option to make points always display unoccluded… :joy:

Yep, Cen finds the average location of polyline vertices - that is fast enough to just work in general picking but in asymmetrical objects is can be off.


This should really be disabled (or disableable). When you need something approximate, ‘Near’ usually suffices…

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