Smudging shape to simulate a pressure on the object after it is pressed down with an inverted domed tool

I am trying to simulate a finished look in jewelry for rendering.

There is a critical step where the jewelry artisan will press down on prongs of the jewelry to lock in the diamonds. The jeweler will move the metal over the stone while erasing any hard/sharp edge to reduce scratching or injury. This process known as prong beading. This give the prongs a dome look

(Check about 8:30 minute mark in the video)

Any ideas or trick on how to simulate this in Rhino ?

I have tried cage edit but it dose not seem efficient nor consistent when you have 100 or so prongs to work with.

I am thinking creating a custom cutter with inverted dome that might help achieve this but not sure how would one move the prongs over the gems.once done.

I am trying to create a design similar to this using gemvison.

Hello- I have no suggestions other than to model it… you may be able to CageEdit or something to get a less crisp ‘digital’ feel to the parts.