Is it possible to imitate a jewelry sandblaster in rhino?

I am doing a ring, which I would like to change at certain place the aspect of the metal, so that when using the 3d printing to make a ring in metal, it looks like if it was sanded. A picture to illustrate what ‘sanded’ mean (cf the interior non polished part).

Would Displacement work for you?

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You’ll need a very high resolution 3D printer to eke out that minute level of detail at such small scale.

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Thank you very much @Rodri, I think its exactly what I need to begin with, then perhaps I should try to make my own texture…
@Lagom you are totally right :).

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May I ask you a small last thing about that @Rodri? I explode my polysurface and add displacement to some of the surfaces, but then when I try to join all of them again, all the displacement leave :(. (When I do ExtractRenderedMesh on each of the surface with displacement, it indeed creates an adequate mesh)

Would you have an idea how I could join again all the surface in order to keep the dislpacemnt in the specific surface only?

Good question… displacement is applied per object, the only way i can think of doing that is actually extracting the meshes individually, and processing them trying to obtain a single closed mesh at the end. That probably will include patching some holes and missing faces in the area where the two surfaces (smooth and sandblasted) are joined… quite some work.

Thank you very much for your answer @Rodri. I will post another question for this. I already tried with separate emshes bit its not really feasible .