Smoothing pinch points near crease intersections

I’m having trouble making clean models in SubD. Are there any threads or videos which cover this topic?

Screenshot 2021-09-14 150712

Couch.3dm (122.7 KB)

Your topology isn’t ideal for refinements. In general, I tend to model everything with quads and avoid triangles or polygons with 5 or 6 corners. Below is an example where I added rings where you need more definition. Also take a look at the corner and the continuity of the edges. As for the creased edge, I creased the segment to the back edge too, that looks better. Even better for a couch which never has a sharp edge would be more dense loops / rings where you want sharper edges.

Couch.3dm (211.3 KB)

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Thank you. That looks much better. Did you make that from scratch? I guess that is part of my problem, I don’t know how to go from what I had to what you have. I started modeling a polysurf then converted to a mesh then to a SubD.

I edited your model. Deleted some faces and stitched gaps back together, then added detail.

Creating the right topology takes practise.

The internet has a lot of information on topology. Here’s one link:

Topology Guides

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I’m still struggling a little bit, and I am starting to question whether SubD is the best tool for this application
Attached is the corner type I am looking to create, but no mater how I crease the part I can’t seem to make that occur. I don’t think the corner in your model is bad it’s just a different style.

Unrelated, Is anyone familiar with the math that drives the corner softening? From looking at your part, it looks like the approximate radius of the corner is 1/4 of the distance to the nearest ring from the corner. Is that a safe rule of thumb?

If that’s the look you want to achieve, I’d model it in NURBS

SubD multipipe + SubD plane


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Hi inju

Good idea use Multipipe shape.
Thank’s for sharing~ : )

I tried to mimic the topology of the multipipe you showed. It looks a little better, still need some more refinement.

Unrelated, does anyone have any recommended studies for fairing SubD surfaces? I think I shot myself in the foot with the modeling path I took. The part needs to be removed from a mold so I need a minimum of 1.5deg of draft. I started modeling that way. I’m considering now, that it might have been smarter to model everything square and once I had everything organized and fair, then use a cage edit to add draft.