Removing Sub-D corner

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to teach myself to use rhino’s sub-d modelling and am trying to remove some corners. I’ve made this using a sub d loft and then bridging the rest but the sharp corners on the bottom face are giving me unwanted curvature and I was wondering if there’s a way to smooth the corners of this face whilst maintaining the crease for a flat surface. Also on playing around with it I’ve found that there’s 1 or 2 creases that just won’t remove, rhino just says no changes made. It’s not really a big problem is I don’t need to remove them but I’d be curious to know why this is happening because I’m guessing it’s down to a flaw in the way I’ve modelled this shape. Any help or suggestion would be really appreciated

gargoyle.3dm (1.2 MB)


That’s perfect thank you

I know this is kind of a different topic and is something people are asking for in future updates but is there a way to mirror newly created edge loops that have been made with insert edge like in Max. In this example I’m finding it difficult to apply the same treatment on both sides and reflect sub d object creates odd creases on one side. If the problem is that to do reflect sub d you need one side without the other this seems very difficult to achieve. Trimming with an extrusion of the x plane of course converts the sub d to a polysurface and trying to first create the loft as a nurbs which can then be trimmed and converted to a sub d creates a different shape than sub d loft (I’m guessing because of interpolation). Don’t worry if not I’m just really struggling to see how accurate modelling of sub d lofts is possible without capabilities to mirror adjustments.

seems to be working well. Or I don’t get it.

right got it, misunderstood how that one works, thanks for the help