Cleaning SubDs

How to elegantly get rid of the ugly corner to keep it sharp at the end?
How to maintain the continuity for subd edge?

you may try beveling those creased edges instead of creasing them. having edges chase all the way thru a model can help mitigate those issues.

Also in box mode, you may connect the two edges on the either side of that crease

creases can end harshly like that.

I only started learning SubD. It’s fun and I can see a great potential as an addition to NURBS.
On the other hand, the last time I was cursing so much was when I was using AutoCAD for modelling :rofl:
I learn by discovering and experimenting, never liked tutorials. I prefer my own cases.
Thanks for popping up.

in this case you may want to watch a video or two… it’ll save you a few weeks of beating your head on the desk… lots of good examples on our YT page-

I’m happy to help anyway I can be useful-

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