Smooth transition between 2 surfaces

smoothTransitionHelp.3dm (737.2 KB)

I’m trying to get rid of the seam and also make the curve with g3 continuity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Currently using Sweep2. Had worse luck with blendsrf.

Please post your Rhino file with the relevant geometry.

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Just added that :slight_smile:

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I think your small surface with the rounded corners is not ideal. I get a somewhat accceptable looking result using a circular surface instead.

If you want something a little more organic looking, try SubD

smoothTransitionHelp.3dm (485.0 KB)


Hi Ilan - since you have matching edges on each end of the surface, if you want a precise and controlled shape, I’d do it like so:

  1. Loft between pairs of edges.

  2. MatchSrf to the edge at the small plane for tangency (since that seems to be what you have in the part so far) with ‘Preserve isocurve direction’ set:

  3. MatchSrf the edge at the larger part the same but with ‘Match target isocurve direction’

Do that all the way around.



Thanks so much! This works beautifully