Smoothing the transition between a curved surface and a planar one

Hi I am modelling a component and want to get a smooth transition from the profile at one end into the flat surface (green line on the photo). I have used the red lines and the network surface command to build the curved surface. This then connects into the planar surface. I want to get rid of this sharp transition and make the curved surface blend smoothly into the planar one. I don’t think the way I constructed the surfaces is best but I like the overall form of them. The perimeter curve of the two surfaces has to remain the same. I have included some images of the model, any help would be much appreciated!

that surface is way way wayyy too dense. rebuild it to a much lower iso count (like 6x6 or 8x8) and then use the matchsrf command to line stuff back up.

you would be well served by checking out this excellent video series. (watch all 12 videos)


Thanks for the advice. I watched through the majority of that series and its completely changed the way I model. I went back and remade the whole model with much cleaner single span surfaces.

The matchsrf command then easily allowed me to match the two new surfaces by tangent to get a smooth transition. Cheers.

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@sgreenawalt some love for your awesome video series!

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