Problem with transition between surfaces

Hi, I have a problem with achieving perfect transition between those surfaces which I have created using network srf and patch tool. I tried matching it, but results are not satisfying. Is there any other way to do it?? Thank you, I’m sending photo and Rhino file.

module.3dm (241.2 KB)

Check with Zebra command, it might just be a rendering anomaly.

Take a look at the surfaces you’ve created, even some of the simpler central sections. If you duplicate the edges and try to join them they aren’t aligned.

I’d start by rebuilding all the edge curves here to try to get a clean wireframe so that all your curves are clean with G2 curvature continuity.


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you need to patch layout your shape like this for instance. Don’t use patch command at all.
Look at uv distribution and edges flow. Tangency may be enough. Try G1 first and upgrade to G2 later

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More info here;

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Thanks for all of you! Those are very helpful advices