Smarttrack to apparent int, can it be turned off?[Solved]

I searched around a bit and found that text appears for apparent intersections, not sure
what latest situation is…
Is it possible to turn off apparent int? I need to snap
to a point where I can’t zoom in further and having snap to the apparent int is getting in the way.

Doing a sweep2 with cross sections to have better control, but that makes surface with lots of isocurves… and I need to split edge where there are many isocurves and get this apparent intersection snap depending on the view

As far as I can tell, the only apparent intersection snapping setting is under Rhino Options > Modeling Aids > Object snaps. This seems to control the smart track snapping behavior as well.

Thank you wim. I’ll ty out if it’s good.
I might miss the appartent intersection when trimming…

ApparentIntersections is an option you can set in the Trim command - no need to have snapping to apparent intersections turned on for that.

Great! Off with the apparent interstctions then. thanks again!