Wish - Snapped Points Only (or does it exist ?)

(A - main topic)
Working on a complex document with free c-planes i have to make sure i snap to the correct points. (end, mid, intersect, ) sometimes smarttrack gives a great help.

But just after distributing arround 100 objects with _orient3Pt free in space - i would love to have a:
“snapped Points only” - klicking somewhere in the viewpoint without a pointsnap or smarttrack should be ignored.
I think it would be great if a small info pops up if clicking wrong or the cursor even changes to (x) while not on a pointsnap.

this could be an additional option like “Disable all” - or this Mode could have 3 stages:
strict snap (my wish)
click or snap (as is)
disable all (as is)

what do you think ?

(B - side note / question)
and by the way if we already talk about point snap - is there any rule when i get an appearance intersection - or any settings for appearance intersection snap ? Currently for me this seams unpredictable when, and when not i get such a snap.

Thanks, kind regards, -tom

i think this could be useful and simple to add just a small tickbox next to other snap options