SmartTrack questions

I’m trying to figure out why I don’t use SmartTrack, but loved the drafting assistant in Vellum. I don’t have an answer yet, but in the process I’m trying to use SmartTrack more and as I run into questions/bugs/etc I’ll post them.

So, today I’ve set my Max number of Smart points to 2 and have one strange thing to report. In the attached video, when I create a smart point in the first example (smart point that’s on the end of a polyline) and then hover my mouse just a bit off the point and click, the line starts at the smart point as expected. But in the other example, I create 2 smart points and then create a smart point at the midpoint between them, hover my mouse about the same distance away from that smart point, and click. But the start of the line misses the smart point and starts at the cursor instead. If I set my Max number of smart points to 3 or higher, I don’t see the same issue so far. I guess I think that if I’m close enough to the midpoint to create a smarttrack point there, then I should also be close enough to snap to that point when I click, right?

Hi Peter, I think what happens is the mid snap creates a smart point and since you only have two possible, that mid snap goes away.


I don’t think so - If I pause for a long time that midpoint stays and if I move my cursor closer, it does snap to it. Did you try it? Maybe under the hood something weird is happening because it’s a 3rd point in a 2-point max setup, but if so it’s not giving the right feedback to the user.

Another weird thing with that point is that if I hover there before clicking with my cursor just barely not over the midpoint, SmartTrack finds an ‘intersection’ and shows it as an intersection of orthogonal lines.

Yeah, that is how it looks to me - at a certain point, the first smart point disappears and Mid goes with it.


Ok, I see what you mean. So what I see is that the first point disappears but visually the midpoint doesn’t. Seems that under the hood it’s gone, but it still looks like it’s there.

Well, I think what actually happens is the Mid takes over as the most recent Smarty, so stays on screen.


Ok, but it’s not clickable, or not within the snap-to tolerances of other smarttrack points.