Midway between two points

just a quick question as I am learning rhino… I am used to selecting objects in auto cad where I regularly use the option of midway between two points to select a midway point between to objects or curves. is there anything similar in rhino? Does smart track allow midway points between two points? I haven’t manged to get smart track to do that yet or any other tips or suggestions for this kind operation that doesn’t require constantly drawing a line to find the midway point?


The “between” tool.
Start a command that prompts for a point location.
Before you click, type “Between” or click the icon from the Objects Snaps toolbar.


brilliant thank you!

Smart track can also work, hover over the points you want to find midway between (make sure proper snaps are set, ‘end’ with the below example) until the white smart track point appears, and then move the cursor to the midway point. You should get a third point with a ‘point’ tooltip. That is the midway point. It gets confused if there are other smart track points, so just have the two highlighted you want the midpoint between.

In general with SmartTrack, hovering or CTRL will mark a smart track point and unmark it, CTRL twice will delete all smart track points without needing to escape out of the command.


Excellent! Both really usefull answers and exactly what I was looking for

To follow up on John’s comment, if you hold ctrl while hovering over the Osnap toolbar, it will give you several other Osnap options similar to the one’s from AutoCAD, like From Pt, Along Parallel, etc.

Even better then in AutoCAD!