How do I snap to current active polyline?

How can I snap to the current active polyline like in Autocad.
See video of what I want to do.
Thank you

Use smarttrack for that

Smart track only works on other objects, not the current polyline that I’m drawing.

While drawing a polyline you won’t have access to “mid” osnap (the triangle on autocad).
You can make a workaround for that with 2 fast right-click (finish current polyline and start a new one).

Also consider the use of TAB key button (that one on left of Q button on keyboard); it is much more useful in my opinion. I usually work with smarttrack turned off thanks to that.

You can combine smarttrack + TAB key to be very fast … apart from the mid point.

End Osnap works on the line you are drawing. It looks like you need/want Mid Osnap to also work on the line you are drawing.

For mid snap, I believe it should work in between two smart track points. Can’t test right now.
Tbh I hardly ever use smart track because it gets it the way pretty quickly.

Hello - the Point Osnap will get the previously placed polyline points - combine with Along, or Between to expand the possibilities…


@pascal Along and Between do not provide start of a SmartTrack like Mid Osnap does.

I haven’t tried it with smarttrack, but with just Tab & Shift you can do this. But the mid osnap is a little complicated:

With Ortho off and your mouse heading in basically the correct direction, hold shift & click Tab, then hold shift & select the Between one-shot osnap. Then hold shift & click Tab again (because for some reason it doesn’t remember that direction anymore) and then click on the two points that you want to start between.

On the other hand, it should probably just snap to the midpoint without all that.

Wow, how can a simple thing be so complicated.
Perpendicular and middle within the current polyline should be a must.
For such an advanced software package can’t believe this isn’t more of a priority, it’s the basics.

Dear @vwgm

It is not.

Unless I misinterpret the needs, the smartTrack is the tool you need for the intended purpose ( mid snap on active PolyLine ).

It is.

Rodolfo Santos.

Yeah I need to turn on Point in osnap otherwise it doesn’t work.
Still needs more clicks than it should, but will try to get used to it.
Thanks everyone

If I make a side by side comparaison, when the right options are activated prior ( Snap, SmartTrack, Ortho ), the workflow in Rhino seems to be as fast as the one shown in your video.

Rodolfo Santos