V6 - smart track "fail"


when i use smart track ( i have long delay a activate point with “ctrl”) :
Situation - i have two lines - parallelly and i woul like to snap between two smart points on line - see screen 1. But the smart “mid” snap is unfunctional (V5 work great).
When i start line “in air” and define two smart poits then the “mid” snap is OK - see screen 2.



Hello - so far this seems to work correctly here.


Try by turning on the “Planar” option.


“Try by turning on the “Planar” option.” - not working :confused:

New knowledge - this fail is only if i begin draw line from another point (from end of curve). If i begin draw “in air” then works corretly.

Hello - I’ve been messing with this some more and right now it seems to me to be equally unpredictable in both V5 and V6…


I don´t think it…Here is V5 gif. By me worked v5 always well…


Try double ctrl to clear the smart points before creating the new 2 points for the mid.

it worked for me.

it seems that it doesn’t work when you have more than 2 smart points

Yeah, I do see a difference when the line starts in space. It does not seem 100% repeatable here but I do see it.

Hi daniel_acg - Yes, than you, it works! But it is different procedure than in V5.

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Hello Pascal, thank you for testing and “registration” :slight_smile: