AddGuide wishes and add a "conceptual 2d layer type"

Ok I figured it out that addguide is the command.
Few things I like and dislike,

  1. For smart track in general it’s hard to remember which keys to hit to activate smart points etc. there should be a little heads up gui with options that one can click on as well or just to remind us. Something small and neat.

For smart guides I like it turns on and off automatically, but this is just a nicety, what I want is:

  1. To have that layer exposed not just auto turned on and off maybe call it a “conceptual 2d layer”. Hear me out I already this in my dos cad program “point line” I guess 20 years ago it was exactly what you guys are getting round to now but it was much more powerful than McNeels, you could use any 2d type of geometry in this layer that point line called a “geometry layer”. In that program and in Rhino these objects are not 2d or 3d geometry they are “conceptual 2d geometry” and thus one has infinite parallel lines etc.
  2. Have the ability to add things other than the smart guides to work of off like guide circles and even free form shapes that accept all the current snaps, we should also be allowed to paste 2d or add other 2d geometry to the conceptual 2d layer. My old cad program had all these abilities. I’m glad McNeel is getting round to my request for these types of things but they need more power Scotty.
  3. Last but not least in Point line I could auto set a conceptual layer to a section view so I could activate geometry layer and then have it activate at the section/cplane origin and it would work at that level too.

Here is an example of where the addguides are too simplex:

I hear the moaning of developers saying argh all those new options we would have to make into python and Rhino common why do they want so much?

Hi Roland - for this particular case, the Between osnap should help.

Hi Pascal,
I know that but that is not the point of the post, the post is a wish. I see nothing said about what I’m really asking for?

That image is an example of a shortcoming in the smart guides command, I could also set smart points at those intersections and use mid, but if the guides are smart they should work the way I’m requesting and know that that part is also a segment allowing mid snap to work, not one long infinite line, I had this function many years ago so I can see the shortcomings because in my old program it would recognize the smart guide as an infinite line and any intersections with other smart guides as sections as well. Because smart track should be easier and more productive not something I turn off because it fails and has caveats.
Thanks for the help and hope my request could be added to the wish list,

Hi Roland - yep, I understand that it is a sidebar but I thought you might not know since you referred to placing reference geometry. I am hovering, waiting for more comments, if any, before trying to distill concrete to-do items from your post.


Thanks Pascal